Mistyped registration email


    So what exactly happens if you mistype the registration email and can't receive the activation email? Is there a period after which the registration is invalidated if not confirmed? The username seems to be already taken.

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  • @Onyx said:

    Asking for a friend

    No idea about the backend and your general question, but if you want me to look into this particular case, send me details in a PM and I'll see what I can do.


    Sent, though I'd leave this open since it would be nice to know what happens.

  • @Sam, any insights on the general question? (Or point us to who can answer)

    I'm dealing with particular issue. I hope..

  • @PJH said:

    No idea about ... your general question

    Hope I read that right... what Onyx meant was: "If I misspell my email in the registration form, will the username be released again after a few days, or will it stay blocked for ever?"

    I had the same problem once (not here) - mistyped the email address, so I couldn't register the username. Didn't check if it became available again after a few days, though.

    Tip: if the username is made available again when the regsitration confirmation email isn't answered, say so on the registration form. If possible together with the time during which the username stays "reserved".

  • Yeah, I know what @onyx meant. And the question still needs answering.

    Regarding this particular issue, his friend is sorted now, anyway.

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