Manager/Database WTF

  • I'm working with a database at the moment which has been designed by somebody who never heard of the term 'normalization'. Things like names and addresses are duplicated through many different tables. My manager says that we may soon have to integrate another database into our system, which would probably also be in the same sorry state.

    As an aside, my manager often writes some queries himself. These are often pretty good, but he's not very clear on relational theory. 

    This conversation followed:

    Me: If we do that, it would be a good idea to create an intermediate database format. We could transform the existing databases to this properly normalized form, so we don't have to maintain two of each of our queries.

    Manager: So, if we did that, the new database would be layed out better and be easier to query?

    Me: Yes

    Manager: So, we can get rid of all those 'join' statements?

  • So you normalize the database, create some pretty views and finally you both are happy: Easy queries for your boss and easy coding for you.

  • Better yet, when you start importing the new database, also normalize the one you are working on
    right now, and blame any changes to the troubles of importing the new database.  It's perfect.. as long as you're a good fudger 😛


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