Fatal Error: Zero

  • I was testing my VB2005 application when suddenly a bug occurred. However, instead of starting debugging, VB just hanged there doing nothing. After a few minutes, I got this message:

    Fatal Error

    OK, the HRESULT doesn't tell me much. However, the ErrorCode is interesting... Guess what? VB did not close,  and it started debugging... Let's just say
     it "completed successfully."

  • well one possible explanation of the zero error code is that when the error message was coded, the variable they assigned the error number to was initialized to zero, but was then never used again, except to display the error number. however this is quite an unlikely event, since I am pretty sure that if you were to cause another error in the program, the error code would not be zero. would be interesting to see if that was the case or not. because if so then what they did was use a temp variable for the error code number and never assigned it to the variable they declared to hold the error number, which in itself is poorly designed coding since if you already have a variable designed for the purpose of holding information, it is usually best to use that variable to hold that information.

    oh well.

  • VB comes up with all kinds of stupid error codes. Zero is one I've seen before though how to reproduce it, I don't know, because it was ages ago.

    The other popular ones are the random numbers that are "unknown error".

  • [quote user="FraGag"]

    Fatal Error

    OK, the HRESULT doesn't tell me much.[/quote]

    Searching for your HRESULT value on Microsoft.com results in exactly one hit (alas, no answer as to what it might mean, but apparently it occurred in different circumstances):
    VS.NET 2005 debugger hangs
    It would seem that someone else may have run into the exact same problem you did.  Or did you post that one yourself?

  • Oops, I meant to say "it occurred in similar circumstances."

    Needless to say, my "Permission Expired:  Post Edit Permission Expired."

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