Bug in rendering polls containing lists as items

  • Continuing the discussion from Poll: Can I have polls within polls?:

    See the output in post #1 of the linked poll, then compare with the source that generated it:

    For quick reference, the source:

    - Yes
     - Definitely Yes
        - Very Yes
     - Almost Yes
    - No
     - Definitely Not
     - TDEMSYR
       - I wonder if I can mention someone in a poll
          - @mikeTheLiar 
            - @mikeTheLiar 
                - @mikeTheLiar 
                    - You're welcome @mikeTheLiar 
    - Other (explain below)

    The output, here as simply nested lists:

    As seen on the poll:


    This is a feature, not a bug - we can make school testing software with this technology!

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