Replying to the first Post in a Topic doesn't do the same thing as replying to the second Post

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    When you click on the light blue "reply" button below a message, you reply to a certain message. That gives you the little icon for others to jump to said post.
    This does not happen if the post you reply to is the first post wich might make it confusing if the general discussion in the topic slightly varies from the topictitle but you still want to reply to something in the opening statement

    Reproduction: Try replying to this specific post (don't quote it, just hit reply)
    Expected Result: You get a small thumbnail of my already small avatar on top of your post that is a link to get to my post
    Actual Result: The same thing as hitting "+ Reply" at the bottom of the thread happens and you can't see the direct post you replied to.
    Suggested Fix: Make the Opening-Reply behave the same way as every other reply.

    This is obviously a design-choice... but I hope you can understand why it would be confusing

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    There is a bit of inherent ambiguity in replying to the first post:

    • are you replying to the general overall topic, as defined by the title and content of the first post?

    • are you specifically replying to the person who wrote the first post?

    The first post is not like other posts in the topic. It is special. Consider that the first post is the only one with a title, that appears on the homepage.

    So, we err on the side of caution there. If you want to specifically reply to the person who wrote the first post, quote it, that removes the ambiguity altogether.

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    I can see that but per button your are giving me the exact same option with the first post as with all the other posts. The [← Reply]-Option.
    It just behaves completely different from every other of these options. That is: it mimicks the [+Reply]-Option from the bottom of the page. This is very confusing the first few posts.
    I mean, it might have just been me, but I replied to a first post and wondered where the reply-thing was. I even tried to edit my post (but I don't even know if you can later add a relation to a previous post). Only after reclicking that reply-button and looking at the "Replying to"-Section over the input-field was I sure I didn't do anything wrong.

    To me it just seems backwards that the same button does different things depending on on what post it stands. And also that there already is a capable button for that scenario. Maybe just change the reply-button on the first post to the one from the bottom to make it more visible?

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    That is a good idea, make it + Reply on the first post? Just change the glyph.

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    Yeah, that would at least confuse me less than having too identical looking buttons do different things depending on context.

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