Phantom linebreak... thing


    I don't even know how to describe this, nor can I figure out a repro, but:

    Note the bits after "placeholder text".

    Note: preview window is bugged as well, it just so happens the phantom linebreak matches the position where there should be one, I resized the window to check and it produces the same result as the post itself.

    Even raw output is a lying bastard:

    I wanted to Gimp it but I'm too lazy. I'd just put a text input in the avatar popdown >menu. You could put as "Enter status here" or something like that as placeholder text
    to avoid extra labels and cruft.

    EDIT: great, now I went to fiddle with it and fixed it by accident 😫

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    I am not following what this is, or what you are describing?

    Is it a browser issue with display?


    No, it actually saved it wrong as well. If you look into the edit window in the screenshot, there is no linebreak between "placeholder text" and "avoid". Both the preview and the post (screenshot taken when editing the existing post) show a linebreak.

    I thought it was just a display bug, but I checked the raw version and it did have the linebreak as well (copy in OP).

    Unfortunately, I want fiddling with it to try and get a better repro and somehow it fixed itself. No, deleting all whitespace after the word "text" didn't help before, now it did for some reason.

    Honestly, this should probably just get closed/deleted since I can't get a repro anymore.

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    Was it maybe related to two spaces at the end of a line? That is the traditional way to generate an arbitrary linebreak in Markdown.


    Ok, I googled a bit to figure out what you mean by that and from what I can gather you mean this:

    Hitting enter in editor generates </p> <p>
    Placing two spaces and then hitting enter generates a <br>

    If you look at my screenshot, the only linebreaks I used are after [quote] blocks. So no, I don't think that was it.

  • @codinghorror said:

    That is the traditional way to generate an arbitrary linebreak in Markdown.

    "Traditional"? It's about as sensible a tradition as this.

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    Yeah it is widely viewed as an option at this point. Most people do OK with Markdown but that is the one thing that gets almost everyone.

  • @Maciejasjmj said:

    "Traditional"? It's about as sensible a tradition as this.

    Oh, those wacky Englishmen.

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