Post editor appears with draft contents when revisiting a closed thread.

  • Expected behaviour: When viewing a closed/locked thread that I cannot post to the post editor should never appear, regardless of whether I have a saved draft for that thread or not.

    Actual behaviour: The editor appears with an enabled "post reply" button.

    Obviously the behaviour should be different for any users who can post to locked threads, such as admins or moderators.

  • I think this is so you can go and quote that thread. I think that when I've quoted from other places it gives asks me whether I want to post from the original thread or the one I'm looking at.

  • Yep, it asks me, but it doesn't let me post there. I get a Forbidden error if I choose the locked topic. That seems reasonable to me.

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    As @boomzilla points out, if we didn't show the editor with your draft post, how would you get to the text there?

    Say you wrote a giant long draft reply, went to sleep to think on it (lol), the topic was closed overnight -- now in the morning you come back to the topic expecting to see your draft. But you can't! You would have effectively lost it if we stopped showing the editor

    So until we have some way of getting to drafts in the user page, this has to stay.

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