[Reopen] Setting category to "Tracked" doesn't work

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    @ChaosTheEternal said:

    Bug: New topics created in categories that are in the Watched/Tracked/Muted preferences lists are not automatically set to that preference

    Reference: this topic was created at June 12, 2014 13:15 UTC, is only "Regular", even though the category is supposed to be "Tracked", and is still in my Tracked list in my Preferences. At 13:37 UTC, @PJH posted that he changed the Bugs category to be hidden from newer users, but I can't be certain when it happened without his input.

    I do not believe it is tied to the bot issues, as other topics created a few hours ago were automatically tracked.

  • @ChaosTheEternal said:

    About 30 minutes ago, @PJH posted that he changed the Bugs category to hide from newer users, but I can't be certain when it happened without his input.

    Can't tell for certain, since changes to categories aren't in the logs apparently, but I used my regular login to test it after I'd changed it. At

    PJH change trust level PJHH 39m old trust level: 2, new trust level: 1

    So I'm guessing around 1330UTC is when I changed the security on the bugs group.

  • Odd, then, I'm not sure what would've caused it to not follow the preferences beyond the security change, since the bot has been haywire for awhile, yet other topics made within the last few hours but before your change are "Tracked".

    And for reference, your new Bug thread didn't follow the category preference either, it's Regular for me.

    I guess if someone makes a new topic that isn't a Bug (or Article Discussion), I can find out for sure if it's just tied to this category.

  • @ChaosTheEternal said:

    I'm not sure what would've caused it to not follow the preferences beyond the security change,

    And the security change did was stop level '-1' (not logged in,) 0 and 1 users from accessing the bug category.

    Unless.... brb....

    Back. @PaulaBean is (well was) Level 1. I've bumped her up to Level 2.

    Not that I think the bot has anything to do with it, but I don't think Level 1 is right.

  • Confirmed, changing the level of the bot appears to have fixed the "bug". Guess this topic can be locked.

    To clarify (because maybe definitely my mind is just messed up and what I think is clear that I'm describing really isn't), the bug as I was seeing it appeared to be tied to the fact that the @PaulaBean bot was set to Level 1, when topics in the Bug category were then restricted to Level 2 and up. Once @PJH set the bot to Level 2, a new topic was made and it followed the category tracking per my preferences.

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  • Hmm. God knows then.

    That said, I have absolutely no idea what, exactly, the bot is meant to be doing, let alone what it's actually doing.

    Beyond the tantalising hints that @Sam has been drip feeding us over the past couple of days that is...


    Only reasonable things I can think of are:

    • checking for new topics in Side-bar WTF category and updating the topic list in CS
    • checking the post counts in article discussion thread and, once again, reporting it back to CS

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  • Yeah, it would be nice if there was some idea as to what the bot is actually all doing to know what all is or can possibly be messed up by the bot "going haywire" or by only being at a certain user level.

    Also, edited my previous post.

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    At the moment all queues are up to date and stuff is churning fine. Only impact the bot has now is a perf hit.

    Its just doing say 3-8 reqs a second on pages that take 100ms to build.

    So you should not really notice anything wrong here and I think the banner can go.

    cc @apapadimoulis @PJH

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    Is this working as expected now @ChaosTheEternal?

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