Incorrect New Topic Count Including Muted Categories

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    Background: I have the Meta > Bug category muted to hide all the new topics that keep popping up there.

    After reviewing a bug topic I was interested in, I returned to the topics page with All Categories selected and was notified that there were 12 new topics. When I clicked on the New link, I got this:

    After refreshing the page with Ctrl+R, the new count clears.

    I get the same effect when specifically browsing the muted Meta > Bug category, as shown here:

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    This is yours @sam, you implemented category prefs and last touched new counters.

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    Sorry, Dingo's ate my source code, the buck passes on.

    I liked the original post, I will fix this

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    I just fixed this, with a slew of other problems that were around muting.

    I find the new behavior much less crazy.

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