Some Mods don't understand the difference between refactoring and branching.

  • Bug: Some mods (@codinghorror) perform extensive refactoring of discussions in which they participate in order to bring them under their own fiefdom within the forums
    Expected: Mods should utilize the built in branching method (A.K.A. "Reply as new Topic") which would be significantly less disruptive to the community as a whole for conversations.
    Actual: see the meta topic
    Repro: post anything that might be considered a discussion of discourse in a non-meta category, or make an off-topic post which spawns discussion within meta and watch it get moved.

  • This is not technically a Discourse bug. (Though you might well call it a discourse bug.)

  • Banned

    Do you mind if I move this off the bugs category?

  • @sam said:

    Do you mind if I move this off the bugs category?

    Well, now that you asked, it's not really as funny - you should have just locked it with WONTFIX. I would have had an LOL about it.

  • Banned

    I will take that as a yes then 🙂

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