About the CodeSOD category

  • Code Snippet of the Day - self-submissions for code snippets that shouldn't really exist.

    Please remember to anonymise your snippet if there's a danger it could be traced back to you or the source of the snippet, and to do so would be a Bad Idea™.

    Suggestions for doing so include

    • change the wording of any comments in the code
    • rename variables and non-system functions. Using metasyntactic variables may help if it doesn't detract too much from the WTFness of the code. Otherwise pick a suitable synonym and substitute that instead.
    • change any string literals in the code.

    Also, please remember that not everyone is necessarily fluent in/can recognise the language that your code is in (not necessarily everyone here is a programmer!) - mention the language.

    And for the less intuitive among us, explain what the WTF is with the code.

  • And remember that you signify code by indenting with four spaces.

    return true; // exit loop

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