How can i access my drafts?

  • I just know i've started a reply to some topic, but decided to postpone it. And in the mean time, i've made other replies and lost focus... Now i'm trying to remember what i was replying to, but can't; i've totally forgotten where it was. Any chance to finding it somewhere, and not having to open up every single topic i recall reading?

  • You can't. This is something that people have asked for, but it's pretty low-priority.

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    We will probably get to this at some point, but for now:

    1. To access reply drafts, visit the topic(s) in question

    2. To access topic draft, visit the topic list. (There can only be one topic draft at any time)

    And remember that we save drafts on the server every ~40 seconds automatically. Drafts are discarded once your post succeeds.

  • And is it really that hard to compile a list of all topics i actually have a "reply draft" for?! Because my memory sucks and there's no chance in hell i can now remember WHICH were "the topic(s) in question". I can totally understand not working on a "tweak existing interface to add a distinctive feature for such threads" feature, but just having something like Select title, url from all_topics join reply_drafts on fk_draft_topicid = pk_topic_id where draft_author = current_user should not take more than... say, 10 minutes?

    Also: "every ~40 seconds"? What if i leave the topic: will the software just wait for the timeout to expire before the save is triggered? o.O

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    Technically its not a super complex change, we have a drafts table that stores all the drafts. I do think it belongs on the user page.

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    @codinghorror said:

    Drafts are discarded once your post succeeds.


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