Feature Request: non-minified interface

  • My notifications currently go like this:

    • some icon - my brain never registers WHICH icon it is, it's just a gray blob
    • some username - i don't expect to know all other contributors well enough to actually recognize them by their (non-fixed) username
    • page link. (no context)

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful bounty of information crammed up in there.</sarcasm>

    I would really appreciate a version of this interface much more like what stackoverflow offers in its activity tab:

    • timestamp (!)
    • (not in there, but it makes sense to include this too) username and avatar
    • spelled-out action (asked, accepted, awarded, comment(sic!) )
    • expandable content, so that i could get a glimpse of what actually happened before i open up the page.

    Also, topic lists could hugely benefit from a similar treatment, IMO.

    Edit: damn double-newline requirement before i can start a bulleted list...

  • Banned

    Can you make a mockup of what you want?

    Also, keep in mind in your activity stream there is a much more detailed view.

  • Sure, here's what i had in mind:
    My page sort-of already does a bit of these (still doesn't explicitly spell out the action!), but it doesn't have a filter for "only those things that appear in the notification panel underneath that callout icon to the top-left"... And the "All" filter has way too many of my own actions.

    So maybe that's what i was looking for: a "All except me" filter in my page, with the action more visible, and with a better distinction between the subjects (currently, i see 3 subjects for a "X liked a post" entry: the actor (liker), the author (likee), and the topic name* -- all on the left side, so basically sharing the same "column" in the page's real-estate).

    *Edit: Wow, the topic name links to the post, so that's pretty non-WYSIWYG... Though a link to the topic itself is there on the second line, so i guess this way will just become status-quo after a while.

  • Banned

    I like your ideas here, will see if we can add another filter to the user page, just need to figure out non-confusing terminology for it. Maybe we should simply call it "notifications" and show it only for current user.

    cc @codinghorror

  • @c__ said:

    their (non-fixed) username

    Luckily, that little notification panel uses a fixed username.

    Notification page, on the other hand...

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