Can't unbookmark deleted posts

  • Yes, I'm aware this is a moderator/admin only bug.
    Yes, I'm aware there's a rather obvious workaround involving undeleting the post.

    I cannot remove a deleted post from my bookmarks.

    Repro 1: Open my bookmarks page, observe a deleted post. Click Remove Bookmark
    Expected: Post disappears permanently from list.
    Actual: Post disappears. Then reappears again either shortly after or after a screen refresh.

    Repro 2: Open the post, and click the bookmark link on the post itself
    Expected: Bookmark link shows the post is initially bookmarked, clicking it reverts to usual state, with post now unbookmarked.
    Actual: Bookmark link is already in unbookmarked state, clicking it produces "Sorry, an error has occurred" and icon shows post now appears to be bookmarked. Clicking the icon again reverts the icon to default state. Post is still listed in bookmarks page.

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    @zogstrip you should handle this case.

  • Thanks @PJH for the excellent bug report 😄

    It's now fixed in master and will be deployed here next time the instance is updated

  • Do you not envisage a use case where a mod may still want a deleted post bookmarked? Maybe even bookmark after deletion?

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    I argued this case on our team call but was overridden. Maybe we can revisit it later, we're trying to button down for V1.0 by the end of the month, ideally.

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