Why can't I move deleted posts to a new topic?

  • Bug: Cannot (apparently) select more than 68 posts.

    Upon selecting the 69th, every post within the thread appears with a 'selected (69)' indicator, whether it was selected or not.

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    FYI, In the oven, admin switch to hide deleted posts. (accessible via wrench)

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    Also, can you try again (but do a browser refresh first), I bet it was unpeeling those posts, since I upped the number of posts we can render on a screen it should not unpeel them anymore. unless you have a really short screen.

  • I don't want to hide them. I want to be able to select more than 68 posts.

    And that report was done after reproducing the issue after a browser refresh.

  • Bug: Error when trying to move 60 posts. What error? Dunno. "There was an error."

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    What are you trying to do? You know you can't delete these already deleted posts, if you move them off the topic they will remain in the original topic in the deleted state (for auditing sake)

  • I'm attempting to move those posts to a different thread to undelete them.

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    They were moved, not deleted, @codinghorror we really need to do a better job communicating to mods what the hell is going on when you move posts around, super duper confusing now.

  • Really?

    Ones in yellow certainly have been moved. Ones in red appear to have been deleted since they don't turn up in searches. For example, if @Lorne_Kates post from here has been moved, would you point me to where it's gone please?

    And previous comments from @codinghorror indicate they are in fact simply being deleted, and not moved - see thread here.

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    Now I am super confused, gonna have to spend some time splitting and merging topics tomorrow on local.

    Let's try keeping bugs in the bugs category from now, gives me a much better fighting chance of fixing them.

  • These are bugs.

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    Just undelete the ones that you feel are lost and ship them to distinct bug topics. 1 bug per topic, it makes my life so much easier.

  • Oh - thought you were talking about the points I was raising.

    What I'm trying to do is move the (alleged) non-bug topics/posts to a separate thread and undelete them. The system isn't letting me by (1) restricting me to selecting 68 posts at a time and (2) not letting me move 60 deleted posts to a new topic before I undelete them.

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    I think this particular topic is kind of burnt now, I say just undelete everything you feel should exist and then try to salvage any distinct workable bugs by shipping then into the bug category.

  • None of it should have been deleted.

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    This is your site with your rules we are just visitors here. Sorry.

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    Sorry, it is about 10 times more work to painstakingly move things around and I had 450+ posts to work with, of which around 20% were egregiously off topic. I spent about two hours on it, literally two hours.

    Not that being egregiously off topic is necessarily wrong, but if you want us to actually follow up on "genuinely useful bug reports" versus LOL Crystal Pepsi vomit, then discipline is necessary in that specific topic. Same thing @blakeyrat was complaining about in that topic, too.

    And @sam it was pretty obvious to me that he WAS talking about moving deleted posts, which isn't possible. You'd have to undelete them all first.

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    I would consider this a bug actually, at the minimum we should provide a better error message.

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    If you move deleted posts they should be deleted when they arrive, too. Otherwise you are guessing intent. Stuff is rarely deleted because you want to move it, it is deleted because you wanted it gone.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @PJH said:

    Upon selecting the 69th, every post within the thread appears with a 'selected (69)' indicator, whether it was selected or not.

    Who doesn't like 69? Discourse, it seems…

  • @PJH said:

    (1) restricting me to selecting 68 posts at a time

    FYI, when I split off the FizzBuzz topic I did one move of about 11 posts, a second move of about 30, and did the other 150 in one more move. No problems selecting all 150, except that the browser slowed down as I progressed.

    (I later edited the three messages into one mod-message and deleted the other two.)

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