Times in user activity are way off

  • Bug: Times in Activity Feed page are ludicrously incorrect

    Expected: If activity feed entry reads, "You posted the topic", the time of the feed item should be the time the topic was posted.

    (Note that instead of being posted 3 minutes ago, the topic "Vote of No Confidence" was posted hours ago before lunch.)

    Theory: The time displayed is actually the time of the last update to that item, and has nothing to do with the description of the item in the item's header. For example, Vote of No Confidence was posted ages ago, but it was favorited only a few minutes before I took that screenshot, making it likely that Discourse is displaying the wrong date.

    This could just be a problem with copy.

  • Banned

    This is actually quite tricky to sort out, the times there are the time of the last post action, in this case "like"

    If you filter by posts or topic you will get it ordered as expected.

    One thing we could do is move the time closer to the action, but it would lead to an inconsistent looking UI. I am really not sure what we can do to make everyone happy here.

    If we display the posted date there (under the all filter) the order of the list will look all weird.

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    I've personally never liked the "all" view on the user page anyway, I almost immediately switch to posts or topics.

    Since switching to posts or topics results in correctness... this topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.

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