Stop using protocol agnostics links in emails

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    @ender said:

    Speaking of inline (oneboxed?) images: their href is //, which works fine in browser, but doesn't work in e-mails (since the default protocol there isn't http). Can this be fixed so that the protocol is included in e-mail notifications?

    Protocol agnostic is great on sites you control, less useful on random email clients

  • Well, I think that's actually because (AFAIK) we don't have HTTPS here at all.

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    Hmmm this is weird because our emails already replaced protocol relative links to images with the full schema -- that code has been in place since last year, although I did find a bug where it would choose http even on an https site but I don't think that would be the problem here.

    @ender any chance you can forward me the email for testing purposes? It's my first name dot last name at gmail.

  • Sent.

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    Protocol agnostic links should no longer be in emails.

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