Setting category to "Tracked" doesn't work

  • @Lorne_Kates said:

    Every new thread should be automatically Watched

    The only workaround I know of is to put all of the categories into the "Watched" list in your preferences, though it doesn't seem to work perfectly, as a couple topics from last night didn't get tracked for me, and I've had Meta, Sidebar and General in the "Tracked" list since a few hours after I registered yesterday.

  • Bug: New topics created in categories that are in the Watched/Tracked/Muted preferences lists are not automatically set to that preference

    Expectation: Topics that are created in one of the specified categories are either immediately set to the Watched/Tracked/Muted setting or are set on a regular interval, as per the help text in the Preferences page.

    Actual: Topics don't get automatically Watched/Tracked/Muted, even if the topic is over a whole day old, for example, the Ransomware hitting apple's phones and pads thread, posted 26 hours ago, is still listed as "Regular" for me, even though my settings have the "SideBar WTF" category in the "Tracked" section in my preferences.

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    When did you add "Sidebar WTF" to your tracked section in your user preferences? More than 26 hours ago?

    Anything you can think of here @sam? I know we regularly test watched and muted.. but tracked?

    (One edge case here is if the topic is recategorized, but I see no edit indicator on the first post, so that can't be the problem here.)

  • 7 days ago, within a few hours after registering my account.

    It's not relegated to the one thread, every new thread has the problem. That one is just the best example since it was posted so long ago.

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    Tracked is indeed a bug, Watched and Muted should be working though.

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    @sam we need to fix this next week.

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    Fixed now

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