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  • The Navigation link "TheDailyWTF Swag" makes me wonder why it isn't titled "The Daily Swag WTF". It leads to this page:

    We're Sorry, You've Encountered an Error!

    You've received this message because of the following possibilities:

    1. Slow Internet connectivity speed at this time
    2. Server timed out due to heavy load or traffic
    3. Data has been lost by your browser
    4. Not all of the fields in the form were properly completed
    5. Temporary server-side technical problem

    Please try to submit previous page again. If the problem persists, please try to submit the page later or email Customer Service. We will work to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

    WTF? Apart from the random capitalization ("We're Sorry, ...") and the
    grammar (submit THE previous page again) - How can I submit the
    previous page? I just clicked a link! I'm sure that's a GET-request. Or
    was the error so bad that it the server couldn't even detect whether it
    was a GET or POST request?

  • Uh, the link works fine for me.

  • [quote user="zip"]Uh, the link works fine for me.[/quote]

    It works fine for me too.

  • Me three.

     Maybe the server just didn't like you 😛


    [quote user="ElMorador"]

    Data has been lost by your browser


    Did you make your browser angry recently? That might be it. 


  • [quote user="ElMorador"] Data has been lost by your browser [/quote]
    <font face="tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Maybe your browser is sick...

    EDIT: link works for me too...


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