Issues with spell check in editor?

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    Continuing the discussion from Discourse and our reaction to it:

    @flabdablet said:

    spelling check works fine everywhere else.

    We have seen this before one time, and it was a Linux user with a misconfigured browser.

    Works OK for me in Windows with latest versions of...

    Google Chrome spell check:

    Firefox spell check

    IE spell check

    It was working fine for other people using Firefox / Ubuntu for example.

    The final comment from this one Linux / Firefox user was:

    I've disabled my plugins to deal with a different issue and suddenly the spellcheck is working.  I tried re-enabling them one at a time, in the hope of discovering which had caused the problem, but it still worked with any one enabled. I can't be bothered trying every conceivable permutation, so I've left them set to "Ask to Activate", which seems like a good compromise, given how seldom I view video, etc. I'd much rather have a functioning spellcheck.

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