.chk files recovery using VB

  • Check unchk3.zip -> source.zip -> unchk.bas -> function <font size="2">String2File (for a nice ASCII handling), <font size="2">ProcessChkFile (for a strange "If Left(...)=1" test) and finally Main() (for a nice usage of "null-separated" strings instead of Arrays and lots of OnErrorResumeNext statements).</font></font>

    <font size="2"><font size="2">I must say, that this software works pretty well, though (despite it's slow and I'm not sure about this "if left(..)=1" condition in the innermost loop). It's just strange to me, why somebody uses VB and home-cooked data structures for something as sensitive as a data recovery problem.</font></font>

    <font size="2"><font size="2"> (And sorry for my English - I'm still learning;)</font></font><font size="2"><font size="2"></font></font>

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