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  • Look what is happening in the word right now.


  • From the site:

    Student details are stored in a table that has a finite number of records. (9999)

    There are 3 "types" of students - identified by "P", "N" and "C" in the type field.

    The client wants certain ranges of the Student_ID to fall into the relevant type categories.

    EG 1 - 3000 = Type P

    3001 - 6000 = Type C and

    6001 - 9999 = Type N



  • What? People are STILL stupid? When will it END?! 😉

  • [quote user="CDarklock"]

    What? People are STILL stupid? When will it END?! 😉


    Probably when they all start using BLOBs to store any data.

  • At least the people actually using the forum realize how retarded it is.



    "Here is how I would solve this problem. I would do one of the following:

    a) Take a big stick to the person who wants to change the ID of a record.

    b) Quit my job.

    Both would probably involve a financial penalty but needs must."


    liddlem (the original poster): 

    "Thanks cuttsy - thats about where I am at with this one."


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