• You know the joke and whatnot, however as I don't work with POS I never encountered one. A friend wanted me to help him with a small problem with one of those abominations and I agreed in exchange for a free meal. Damn... I have seen bad software but this one takes the cake. Misspelling on the menus, the fact that in the editor in order to select an element you have to select and drag the element, the fact that you can drag elements of the UI out of their containers and out of existence, the fact that there is no easy way to create elements of the same size and on the same position. No error checking whatsoever.. elements names are random, unchangeable and a collision waiting to happens as they don't check for uniqueness. And if you add a second terminal it will be slower as everything is relayed as it happens with a lot of retarded data, buffers where a foreign concept for whoever develops this crap. Btw, this is the tip of the fricking iceberg, the whole thing is a shining example of how not to write software. I would link to the vendors website but I hate to give them any traffic, but if you must know rimes with penntek. Rant out.

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