@PaulaBean off her meds again..

  • Looks like Paula's gone on another rampage again; the only service running on what.thedailywtf.com is ssh.... (1120UTC)

  •  What in the F is going on.

  • As I understand it*, someone (our side?) has come up with some clever bot acting as an agent of @PaulaBean to go screen-scraping/POSTing various bits of both sites in an attempt to hook article comments and Discourse comments together.

    My impression is that instead of running, say, every 60 seconds, it's doing shit every 60milliseconds* and overwhelming the server with requests to do other shit.

    • May, or more likely may not, resemble reality as you see it.

  • Paula has now been officially diagnosed as pathological.... (site's back up btw. At least for the moment.)

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