The kind of joke you make after ten cans of lager...

  • Four bytes walk into a bar and ask for drinks.

    They each ask for a drink and the barman asks "Whats have you got?"

    The first byte says "Well I've got 0x47"

    The barman says, that'll get you a third of a Gin.

    The second byte says "I'm worth 0x49"

    The barman says, that'll get you a third a Gin too.

    The third byte says, "Well I have 0x4E!"

    "Third of a Gin." says the barman.

    Then fourth byte walks up and says "I'd like a whole Gin please!"

    "How much have you got?" asks the barman.

    "Absolutely nothing!" says the byte.

    And the barman says... "Now you are just trying to string me a long."

  • This reminds me of the people who were on my degree course who thought it was funny to describe a night in the student union using pseudo code<\p>

  •  LOL I bet.  All these codes!

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