Disaster is Patient

  • No funny story here, I just got the saying from a colleague yesterday and thought it quite appropriate to these forums.

    So, although not funny, I guess I can at least provide a story:  We did have a situation like this, where my company used a third-party supplier to fill a gap in our product line-up, despite almost all of engineering saying "here be dragons."  Two years later, and we have mostly made it through the dragonfire holocaust as we find the thing we bought wasn't as fit-for-purpose as we thought, and had lots of undocumented limitations, resulting in much conflict with our customers to whom we sold the thing...  So now we are rolling our own version of the product with a very compressed timing plan and late to market...

  • @too_many_usernames said:

    No funny story here

    Thanks. Saved me some time there.

  • I'd listen to a band called Dragonfire Holocaust.

  • Going to steal that phrasing, really like it. "Disaster is patient."

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