Closing Down Sale

  • Of course the "real WTF" is that despite working at it seven days per week, the sign is still there after more than four months.

  • Hilarious. We have stores here that have a similar sign for as long as I live here (3 years now). Seems to work well for them.

  • They can probably get away with having that sign constantly because it doesn't really say they are necessarily going out of business.  For example, they "close down" every day... I have seen other businesses do similiar things to give the impression they are going out of business.  My personal favorite was a furniture store that had a sign like this...

    GOING OUT OF    our way for your

  • I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I passed by a store a year or so back that had "Grand Opening Sale" on one side of the building, and the other side had a sign saying "Going out of business".  I happened to go back a few months later and both signs were still up, so clearly laziness may have been a factor.

  • I went past the sign today.  It has changed to "Clearance Sale".  Is there any chance the "developer" reads The Daily WTF?

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