Thirty-four weeks ago!

  • A few minutes ago, a spam post appeared and disappeared in Questions Closed Elsewhere. It was titled "Thirty-four weeks ago!" with this as the contents.

    Since Community Server saves spam posts in the database forever, we can use science to determine the truth value of the statement.

    Since only moderators can view deleted posts, the "we" in my previous sentence probably should have been some other words, like "the moderators" or "beach volleyball". It's too bad I can't go back and edit previous paragraphs in the text of my post before I post it. Someone should implement that.

    Moderators, I call on you to look back thirty-four weeks, which would be the fourth week of 2013 (20 January - 26 January). Is there a similar spam post? If not, could spam posts be lying to us?

  • Since you've narrowed it down to a specific reason, I can inform you that there were 5 deleted posts in that period, of which 4 were spam.

    Of those that were spam, all appear to have been manually typed in the submission form, none more than a couple of lines long.

  • @Ben L. said:

    It was titled "Thirty-four weeks ago!" with this as the contents.

    That is the best fucking spam I've ever seen. If all spam was like that I'd turn off my filters.

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