Help me choose ASP.NET web hosting provider

  • OK, so there seem to be about a billion hosting providers out there, and I can never seem to get a straight answer from their customer services about what features they support, so I was wonder if you people could help me pick an ASP.NET web hosting provider. Specifically it needs to support the following:

    • ASP.NET 2.0
    • SQL Server 2005
    • Support more than just one SQL Server 2005 database (multiple databases)
    • Ability to have mutliple websites on the same hosting account (I don't mind if small fee applies per extra web application/website, and if websites/applications share the same bandwidth and webspace).
    • Ability to have mutliple/unlimited sub application ssitting in sub folders (eg. , where 'myAjaxChatRoomApp' acts like it's own sub application with it's own web.config file, although I think this comes automatically doesn't it?)
    • Some sort of SSL would be nice (shared is ok)
    • Decent amount of webspace and bandwidth (no particular preference, I plan to run a blogging site with images).

    It's mainly for a blogging site and a showcase for my work, so I plan to host plenty of small sample applications on it related to my university coursework, and for demonstrating to potential employers, and possibly in the future develop new websites, so the bits in bold are a must!

    Of the research I've done the closest I can find is Web Host 4 Life ( ), they support multiple websites in the same hosting account, shared SSL, but only go upto 2 or 4 databases (I'm emailing them to see if they can increase that). Anyone used this company.

    Grateful for any recommendations!!


    I've been using them for a few years and they have worked out really well.  Only one database in the $15 package, but you can add tham for $5/month each.

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