Email notifications?

  • Ok, it sucks that my first post has to be forum troubleshooting whine, but it can't be helped, it's driving me crazy.

    I used to receive topic notification emails on the address I used to open my account here... the address that USED to be hosted by
    Yeah, as you might have figured, I had to go on a hunt for a new non-gmail address on a short notice. I went with (BTW, if you MUST hijack this thread, some suggestions for lavabit replacement would be my preferred direction :-))

    I entered the new address in my profile settings (as private email). And haven't received an email from forums since. I tested the new address from a different account, checked the spam filters/folders, etc, all the obvious things. The best I can guess, the forum keep sending stuff to my old address.

    Am I missing something? Any admin/mod can do anything to help?


  • Usually when the forum stops sending emails it's because the database is full.

  •  Email setting's just fine.

  •  You can get email from this forum?

  • @Nagesh said:

     You can get email from this forum?

    We've found the problem - gmx was blocking mails from the site.

  • Yeah, I moved to and problem solved.

    I guess there's no escaping the machine...

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