Wrong Place, Wrong Guy, Wrong Time

  • This is from Flemming Madsen:

    I ordered at calculator from them a couple of weeks ago (FEB 3 2005). A HP 49G+. The latest thing, I think. Yesterday I got a mail from them saying it was dispatched, but I think something has gone wrong for them...

    It's not so much that the tracking information they gave me (the shipped it via DHL) shows that it was delivered to a guy in Bristol, UK (I live in London, UK), with a name that's kinda similar to mine, that leads me to beleive there is a problem.

    It's the fact that the tracking info shows that the guy received the package in July 2003.... 🙂


  • Ewww, there's a netscape logo in the firefox.

    Does anyone have a tardis so our friend Flemming can pick up his calculator. [;)]

    PS. if you don't know what a tardis is, type tardis in Google, and go for result number three (or result number two if you have 'more search results from the same site' turned off).


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