I have disproved the Ballmer's Peak

  • //i have written the following code while drunk. it seems to work, but i hold no responsibility.<br >
    //render next piece<br >
    drawPieceSpecific(235-10-text_length(font, "NEXT")+2,50+text_height(font)+2,text_length(font, "NEXT")+5,150-50-text_height(font)-2,0,nextPiece,buffer);<br >
    //render held piece<br >
    if (heldPiece != BLOCK_TYPE_NONE)<br >
    drawPieceSpecific(515+2,50+text_height(font)+2,text_length(font, "HOLD")+5,150-50-text_height(font)-2,0,heldPiece,buffer);<br >

    Found in a year-old codebase of one of my (luckily personal) college projects. All I remember is that it involved a lot of trial and error.

    (for the record, the declaration is void drawPieceSpecific(int x, int y, int width, int height, int rotationState, int pieceType, BITMAP* target);)

  • The only thing you disproved is that you got out of college more than one year ago. One could also state that by posting this here, you disproved the theory that you're a creep that writes mildly sarcastic drunken comments in code that is unlikely to be read by anyone other than yourself.

    As for the code itself, could be anything from firmware of a 3D printer to a remake of LogoWriter.

  •  Looks like Tetris... with way too many magic numbers.  (150 - 50 - ...?)

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