SimCity just got worse.

  • I just wrote a very long rant detailing exactly how much worse it has become since the 2.0 patch, but on a second read-through I felt I really hadn't done justice to just how much of a WTF this has become. Instead I shall conject what I think may have just happened:

    [conjecture]As far as I can tell, the original release had a bunch of fudges put in to give it the appearance of working properly... but which didn't really solve their problems but just papered them over, and introduced other bigger problems of their own (some of the major ones everyone complained about). They appear to have "fixed" these latter problems by removing the fudges that caused them in the first place, but by doing so they have essentially revealed the underlying problems with the basic design of the game.[/conjecture]

    The real WTF is I forgot my prejudice for a moment and bought the bloody thing in the first place.

  • Indeed that is a good rant. But that was last months rant about the version they originally released.

    I'm talking about the new and "improved" 2.0 version that has, astonishingly, managed to outdo the original. The hooting trees bug is my personal favourite.

  •  These articles are immensely amusing!

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    @PSWorx said:

    Your rant has already been done.

    Wow. I actually had "try Sim City once the traffic dies down and my game queue is empty" on my to-do list, but I think I'll strike that one out. I generally enjoy Will Wright's franchises, but I heard he had little if any involvement with this one.

  • Hey, at least the 1989 game is available in 3d multiplayer now.

    You should be glad that you can play a game that wasn't fun* when it was first released 7343 days ago.

    *This statement has not been verified

  • @Ben L. said:

    You should be glad that you can play a game that wasn't fun* when it was first released 7343 days ago.

    Wow. How'd they manage to keep the authentication and licensing servers running for that long? I thought technology had only recently advanced to the point where a game could be kept in service for, like, two years. Max.

    Or is this one of those original XBox Halo hacks where some guys just kept a peer-to-peer connection going for as long as they could? Some dude must have some fantastic hardware to get that sort of uptime from him PC. Uptime like that-- I guess we all know which OS he [b]isn't[/b] running, amiright?

  • I liked SimCity 1.0 a lot. It's been a steady, downhill slide since then. The second game in the franchise, if I recall correctly, introduced these Jetsons-esque colony mega buildings, and I never really liked that. I didn't want someone's futurist viewpoint on urban living (don't we get enough of that horseshit already?), I wanted to design my own 20th Century city.

    Now, SimCity is some kind of web-driven social event? Fuck that shit. It's a revisionist and sycophantic perversion of what the program originally did.

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