The danger of buying a "used" domain name

  • According to its website, is  "a new business dedicated to reimagining K-12 education by creating digital products and services that empower teachers, students and parents in new ways."  An article I read somewhere else says that is now owned by one of Rupert Murdoch's companies.

    However, in a previous life, that apparently just ended in February, was  "a home for users to clip favorite sites from the web and add their own commentary. This simple and somewhat elegant service
    played a role as a curation journal of sorts for its users, who could
    discuss an article (or its best parts anyway) downstream."  Which leads to interesting search results:


  • So.... TRWTF is the existence of DNS caching?

  • I thought there was a robots.txt directive you could use to tell a crawler to delete all old info associated with the URL, but I'm not finding it now...

    Google does have a tool for this though:

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