Steam can't count

  • That's 223 workshop items for Alien Swarm, 97390 for Team Fortress 2, 156815 for Tomb Raider, and 52900 for Dota 2. This week.

    Let's go take a look at the totals!

    Before this week, TF2's workshop had -91670 items, Dota had -48600, and Alien Swarm and Tomb Raider had workshops with negative numbers of items in a quantum state that collapsed over the weekend.

  • Any of the Dungeon Defender workshop items any good? Man that was a good game.

    150k Tomb Raider addons? What went wrong there o.O?

  • I think it's confusing Workshop items with Community/Game Hub items. Tomb Raider shows 161,756 Game Hub items as of this writing, which is close to the emailed number.

    ... plus I'm pretty sure Tomb Raider isn't even in the Workshop at all. If it is, it's a beta or something because it doesn't show up on my list.

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