• RE: :baby_symbol: Parenting advice - you're gonna get hit

    My six-year-old (seven in a month), the one that enumerates from zero, has started her "I want a phone" - campaign:

    :girl_tone2: I want a phone. Many of my friends already have phones.

    Note: Not "all", she is more precise than that. "Many".

    :woman: (wife): Does X have a phone?
    :girl_tone2: No.
    :woman: Does Y have a phone?
    :girl_tone2: Mom, it's better if I list the ones that have a phone.

    Basically, she spurns the SELECT * FROM Friends approach because it is inefficient and not helping her cause.

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  • RE: Chrome Web Store Bites

    @blakeyrat said in Chrome Web Store Bites:

    I have to pay a $5 fee to publish a Chrome extension? Srsly? I don't even want to publish it, I just want to distribute it to my org without everybody having to put their fucking browsers in "developer mode", jesus.

    Do note that they might just reject it with no explanation. This happened to me when I tried to publish the servercooties extension. The only clue I have is that Opera did the same, but they actually told me why it was rejected. Whether Google had the same reasoning I don't know, and good luck finding out.

    Filed under: I also wonder how TF there is at least one other extension that does the same thing I was found to be "in violation" of, but it's up on the store

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  • RE: What the fuck, Android

    @blek said in What the fuck, Android:

    Why the fuck is the region setting tied to the language setting? I'm in the middle of Europe but I want the phone language in English because localizations generally suck balls and I don't have the patience to try and guess what the original message says when I'm trying to google something I want to do. Yet if I pick English (US), I can only set the region to United States, Canada, Philippines, and like 20 African countries. Great design, you stupid assholes! By the way, it gets even better when I choose my native language - then I can select my country, and nothing else at all, because that's the only country where this language is official, and we all know nobody has ever moved abroad in the history of ever, right?


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  • RE: Allo for web (not for web)

    Speaking of stuff you need your phone for: needed Viber yesterday, I didn't have it installed on my phone. Downloaded the Win10 app from the store. It insisted on me having the mobile version installed so they can send me a verification code as a Viber message, and also wanted me to scan a QR code from the screen from within the Viber app.

    They added a QR reader into their app just for this shit, instead of letting me log the fuck in. Do note that activating Viber on your phone involves them sending you an SMS or placing an automated call. WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST HAVE SENT ME A FUCKING SMS TO ACTIVATE THE PC VERSION AND BE DONE WITH IT?

    Needless to say, uninstalled the PC version. Not like I needed it since I had to install the damned thing on my phone anyway.

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  • RE: Cheap Michael Kors Handbag Adventure

    Hey my comment is useless without the Eddy Wally clip

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  • RE: Tech presentation

    @yamikuronue said in Tech presentation:


    Real User Monitoring, I suppose. "Rum" is slightly hard to Google if you don't know what the acronym stands for.

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