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  • RE: Secret Hitler Mk. II - Game Thread

    It's very simple now. We know for a fact that the fascists are two of me, @weng, @wharrgarbl and @sloosecannon, and we only have two fascist policies passed so far. So alternating between @RaceProUK, @Maciejasjmj and @Yamikuronue should win us the game from here

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  • RE: Secret Hitler Mk. II - Game Thread

    @sloosecannon unfortunately this means we can't use his results. Whatever he may have gotten is irrelevant because he's flip-flopped and is obviously either insane or a Facist. So we've wasted that investigation.

    Fortunately we've probably identified at least another Facist - although I'm not sure how much everyone else trusts me. I'd say to look at the odds that the L card came up at all and draw your own conclusions - plus if we get an L next, that's a pretty damning statement.

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  • RE: WTF Bites

    @Polygeekery said in WTF Bites:

    @djls45 said in WTF Bites:

    I'm not sure that not scrolling was their biggest problem:

    No, their biggest problem is that they are an idiot. Their second biggest problem is that they are using Google Apps with Outlook and that person had just upped their local mail storage limit to "Unlimited" and now has 35GB of email sitting in their Outlook PST file.

    Next month they will complain about Outlook running so slowly so we will set their email back up fresh and reduce the PST file size limit and explain to them that if they need really old historical emails that they should use the webmail interface (because if Google knows anything, it is search algorithms).

    Then the month after that they will forget all about what we have told them over and over and over again and bump the file size back up because they want everything in Outlook.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    It is a cycle with these people. They do it all the time.

    The real solution would be for them to not be goddamn email hoarders, or to just use the webmail interface for everything. But they want to keep 35+GB of email in their Outlook and they want their Outlook to not run like total shit. Pick one. You can't have it both ways. We have even upgraded all of the really bad email hoarders to SSDs to try and make Outlook more performant with gigantic PST files. It still runs like hell for them.

    On a whim I logged in to the Admin interface on Google Apps, they have 14 users with over 30GB email usage and 5 of those have over 50GB.

    Email hoarders.

    FWIW, I hoard emails too. But then again, I exclusively use the Gmail webmail interface, so the fact that I have 20,000 emails in my inbox really doesn't matter.

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  • RE: Secret Hitler Mk. II - Game Thread


    Given @wharrgarbl's flat out lie on what he passed, his arguments with @Weng and @Yamikuronue, and his fishy behavior especially with the reaction, I find it highly likely that he's a Facist.

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  • RE: Secret Hitler Mk. II - Game Thread

    @wharrgarbl said in Secret Hitler Mk. II - Game Thread:

    I got FLF, passed FL. I guess this liberal policy appearance ruined the fascists chances of letting the deck do the job for them.

    You did not.

    You passed FF.

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  • RE: The Official Status Thread

    @ben_lubar said in The Official Status Thread:

    @Weng said in The Official Status Thread:

    @ben_lubar said in The Official Status Thread:

    @Weng said in The Official Status Thread:

    @dcon ! in front of a string lets you to string interpolation with inline statements. It's super schmexy.

    !@ does the needful as well.

    I think you mean $

    Yeah probably. It's all muscle memory now anyway because IT'S THE MOST USEFUL OPERATOR IN THE UNIVERSE.

    What about ?.

    I string interpolate more than I ==

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